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The Fundamentals of Quality Control


Go back to the basics. This program is a must-attend program for all line managers of any industry. It's a fast-track, almost complete guide to implement the most durable quality and productivity program which was developed and championed by the Japanese.

Kairos Management Technologies


Rey Elbo works through Kairos Management Technologies, which he established in 1997 as a vehicle for his consulting and training work. KMT is known in many business circles as the organizer of many cutting-edge public management seminars and workshops that are not found elsewhere. It is known for its public benchmarking events featuring the actual organizational best practices with active practitioners (not consultants). It has produced more than 500 events (since 1997) with an average of 53 corporate managers per event. Kairos is a Greek word that can be found in the Bible. It means "quality time" as opposed to chronos or physical time. Contact us, if you want to share your best practices and test its potency with other manage

Why Rey Elbo? Simply, it's all about the Human Side of Quality and Productivity

Lean, Kaizen and TPS

Solid corporate experience in management consulting is key. Why experiment with inexperienced academics and consultants? Rey Elbo is the only Filipino consultant with actual corporate experience in Western, Filipino, and Japanese management and distilled it to become a potent strategy for local managers. He's one of about five professionals with a fused experience in HR and TQM - two important factors in quality and productivity improvement. Nothing comes close to match his 35 years of corporate experience. Part of his strategy is to transform problem employees to become part of an army of problem-solvers and make people with  Six Sigma macho belt irrelevant. After all, Six Sigma is an elitist approach that defeats the purpose of Kaizen-Lean or continuous waste elimination that caters to ordinary people longing for low-cost and common-sense approach to problem-solving.

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Rey Elbo, being a business journalist loves to talk to people on many management issues, not limited to HR and TQM. Even if you're not a prospective client, he's interested in knowing your concerns as a feed for his two weekly columns. Anonymity is guaranteed, if you desire.

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