Recommendation from International TQM Experts

Masaaki Imai, Founder, Kaizen Institute Consulting Group, Switzerland


I am glad that Rey has continued to carry the torch of our kaizen advocacy in the Philippines with his book "Total Quality by Maximization." It illustrates good local examples with emphasis on maximizing organizational resources...exactly the same message of my GembaKaizen book.

Sammy Obara, CEO & President, Honsha.ORG USA (Toyota's alumni association)


 I had the honor to work with Mr. Rey and Kairos Management Technologies a couple of times and I can attest to his high standards. My experience in sharing TPS/Lean in the Philippines was very positive and enhanced by his effectiveness and attention to details.  All that, made his events climb to the top of my preferred destinations in the world. Thank you Mr. Rey.

Nix Andaya-Juban, Process Excellence & Kaizen Manager, Intel Corp., Malaysia


Rey is an excellent writer and instructional designer! He has not only created learning programs and classes, his wealth of knowledge and experience has been translated to several books and articles. His programs have become the base training for process improvement and Kaizen leadership.  “Ridiculously efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about him. This was  a common focus he had driving every area of a business he is consulting for or teaching to be a lean organization. He is one of the Philippine renown leaders in his field. A true honor to watch his talent continuously transforming, adapting and being ahead in the consulting business.   I’m lucky to have partnered with Rey. It’s very obvious that his approach although focus on driving  the company’s bottom line balances well the employees' professional growth. I highly recommend him for all Kaizen and process improvement efforts. 

Rudy Go, TPS Sensei and Senior Consultant, Shingijtsu USA


 Rey is a great advocate of lean education and continuous improvement. He walks the talk by continuously providing great business workshops and seminars on Kaizen and Lean Production in the Philippines.

Kenji Kitamura, former EVP for Manufacturing, Toyota PH and TPS Sensei, Nagoya, Japan


I admire Rey-san for his active promotion of Kaizen and TPS principles in the Philippines. I am pleased to be his business partner in many of our activities, including our yearly Japan Study Mission in Toyota City. I love the Philippines and would welcome every opportunity to join Rey-san in TPS consulting and training work to help Filipino managers in my second home country.

Jun Javier, Lean Consultant and Advisor, California Manufacturing Technology, USA


 I have provided various training, seminars, briefings and lean implementations for many years, and one of the people that I aligned myself is Mr. Rey Elbo, because of his knowledge and experience in the same field. Rey had helped me in the Lean HR side of the business. He is very knowledgeable in helping companies turn around to increase their productivity as a subject matter expert in HR, TPS, Kaizen, Quality and Lean implementation

Recommendation from Megastar-Consultants

Ernesto G. Espinosa, FPM, Past President, World Federation of People Management Associations


I have known Rey for more than 20 years. He struck me as someone who is creative, talented, willing to learn new ideas and  generous. He pioneered in the Philippines the Japanese way of doing things. Rey will always be the first one to tackle in his seminars thought-provoking topics and will supplement them with very competent resource speakers. I salute him for all his accomplishments, including his being a speaker and a published writer. Anyone will certainly learn from him.

Atty. Ranulfo P. Payos, DPM, Vice President, Employers Confederation of the Phils.


I have known Rey for more than three decades and had observed him up close and personal. He is a prolific writer as attested to by his columns in the Manila Times and Business World, and his books on HR and TQM. His expertise on these two subjects are solid – based not on dogmatic theories but culled from his actual experience and practice. As consultant, his opinions or advice on these two subjects are profound in terms of wisdom and practical application. I strongly endorse Rey for any HR and TQM project.

Atty. Josephine F. Fernandez, former SVP-Human Resources, East-West Bank



Rey is the consummate quality person. He'd rather not do anything if the result will not meet his standards. That gives him the singular honour of being called the guru of quality and productive worklife. Because he simplifies things, our friendship is without fuss and each time we get together, I find comfort being with a simple yet  trustworthy friend.


Wally Mateo, Vice-President for Quality, Jollibee Foods Corp.


Rey and Kairos Management Technologies have been a reliable source of high-value Quality and Productivity advancement courses that are useful and relevant to current business challenges. They provide sound knowledge-sharing experience and effective program management for practitioners.

Mike Grogan, Lean and Kaizen Consultant, Ireland


 Rey is one of the most passionate Filipinos I know and a guru of management and leadership excellence in the Philippines. His work is a credit to the world-class standards that he provides both his clients and the readers of his insightful column on how to take your team to the next level of growth. I recommend him without reservation. 

Prof. Rene T. Domingo, Full-Time Professor, Asian Institute of Management


 Rey is an accomplished consultant in a very unique way. He can sense the critical and current challenges that executives and managers face and would want to seek guidance on. He then efficiently organizes fora or sessions with the right experts to address these burning issues. As a hands-on practitioner and thought leader himself, he can convincingly share his expertise and insights in people and operations management through his writings and seminars. 

Recommendation from Filipino HR Superstars

Erick Reyes, VP & HR Head, Roxas Holdings


 Rey is one of the pioneers in this type of learning sessions. The challenge for most companies is to learn and immediately apply best practices from those who are ahead of the curve. Rey’s programs address these needs in a very timely manner. 

Atty. Lorenzo Ziga, VP-HR, Nestle Philippines


Kairos and Rey Elbo have been one of the steady guiding lights in HR and total quality management in the country. With missionary zeal, they have sustained the education of a new generation of professionals in these areas. 

Oliver Requilman, VP-HR, St. Luke's Medical Center


I know Rey to be one of the HR Leaders worth following. I have learned a lot from Rey even before having the chance to meet him in person.....A collaboration of intellects will definitely get us to somewhere, this is the reason why I love collaborating with Rey.  

Jeff Dela Cerna, VP-HR, National Grid Corp. of the Phils.


 Rey Elbo is not your "typical around the block" type of HR - TQM consultant and practitioner. He organizes "thought provoking", "trailblazing", "learn and apply" sessions and workshops that attracts almost a wide range of professionals that cut across various industries. His programs soars like an eagle with an eye for details and always makes a trademark with a lasting learning experience! I recommend Rey's work to the HR profession and be on the look out for his upcoming sessions. Great Job Rey! You are really Making A Difference!...  

Manny Inocencio, HR Manager, Amdocs Philippines, Inc.


 I acknowledge Rey Elbo for the work he has been doing. He has allowed people in the industry to gain access to practical and cost-effective practices in people management, productivity management, and a lot more. His seminars make use not only of technology found in books but these are affirmed by industry experts who share their vast experience as resource speakers. The depth of knowledge that we gain from his seminars far outweighs the minimal fee that we spend for attending similar seminars. I am thankful that I am able to take part in his seminars where I get to learn more as I share what I know and experience in HR. 

MeAn Llamzon, VP-HR, Philippine Airlines


 The first time I’ve heard of Rey deliver one of his no non-sense program, I found myself responding positively in the discussions. I don’t mind attending his public seminars especially when I’m in search of simple and practical approaches or techniques to address some of our HR needs. 

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